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The v1.2.50 (Android) and v1.2.51 (iOS) update of DomiNations is now available! This is a big, huge update for both Android and iOS full of features, fixes, and fun for all!

New Features

  • New Languages added, including French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
  • Achievements for both Game Center and Google Play
  • Notification Center Widget added for iOS 8


  • Map Editor has been greatly improved
  • More attacks and defenses listed in player inbox
  • Multiplayer Battles have faster and better matches
  • Improved performance of troops that return to base
  • Added XP to War Tactic upgrades
  • Reduced network traffic usage
  • More reliable purchasing mechanism - buy Crowns safely and securely!


  • Resolved issues with players having more than the allowed max amount of walls, catapults, and other structures (also known as the Dawn Age Bug)
  • Resolved alliance members showing up multiple times
  • Re-enabled shipments on the Mill and Market
  • Resolved incorrect amount of resources reported in battle replays
  • Troop training time blessings now correctly boost troop training times
  • Resolved troops not lining up correctly at the barracks after moving it
  • Resolved attacker league badges not showing up in replays
  • Resolved issues with players being able to enter invalid alliance names or none at all
  • Resolved missing glow effect on Defender’s blessing
  • Resolved various crashes during game resets
  • Resolved rare crash issue when opening the chat win
  • Resolved issue that caused units to appear frozen


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