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The 6.2 ‘Lion of Judah’ update is available now!

Map Expansion![]

  • Continue to expand your civilization with 15 new spaces to explore!

New University Leader - Haile Selassie[]

  • Upgrade your University to level 7!
  • Research Haile Selassie’s skill tree at the University to improve your late-game combat defenses, such as the Redoubt and Bunker.
  • Harness the power of his Capstone, Lion of Judah, which unlocks the ability to build a Rocket Arsenal to defend your base!

Town Center defender radius correction[]

  • Town Center now has the correct white radius where defenders are triggered.
  • Japanese Town Centers feature an additional yellow ring to show its firing range.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Troop Tactics are prevented from being duplicated
  • Mystery Chest odds are now available
  • Coalitions can now be added and claimed from the Inventory
  • Reduced replay errors due to University skill calculation
  • Added a “Prepare for Battle!” screen in order to view your army before multiplayer battles
  • Popup offering more houses only appears if houses are available
  • Reduced damage to town center and storage buildings shown in Barrage info window
  • Alliance Gate and Embassy appear in age up unlock windows
  • Troop Banners appear in battle wrap-up screen
  • Fixed an ‘empty box’ visual if a Mystery Chest was closed too quickly
  • Player no longer loses troops when fighting bases without defenses
  • Fixed a pathing and attack bug with Machine Gun troops
  • Missile Silo range extended to 65 to cover new map size
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits