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DomiNations v9.3 Player Experience Update[]

Greeting Leaders,

Our 9.3 Player Experience Update brings several features and bug fixes to improve overall Quality of Life.

New Features and Content[]

  • One-Touch Resource Collection
    • Collecting resources from a Farm, Oil Well, or Caravan will automatically collect additional resources from all buildings of the same type.
    • Road collection and museum collection is not affected
    • Resources that would exceed the player’s maximum capacity will not be affected
  • Players can now build the Archive and use Speed Ups as early as Bronze Age.
    • Price and build times for the Archive have been reduced to:
      • Level 1 (Bronze Age) upgrades in 1 minute and costs 500 gold
      • Level 2 (Classical Age) upgrades in 15 minutes and costs 5000 gold
      • Level 3 (Medieval Age) upgrades in 15 minutes and costs 10000 gold
      • Level 4 (Gunpowder Age) upgrades in 15 minutes and costs 15000 gold
      • Level 5 (Enlightenment Age) upgrades in 15 minutes and costs 25000 gold
      • Level 6 (Industrial Age) upgrades in 15 minutes and costs 50000 gold
  • iOS 14 users can now opt-out of personalized ads
  • War Seasons
    • While the Season is active, there is a new Season Button that appears on the main base
    • For more information about War Seasons, check out this post: Dominations World War Season

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

With each release we continue to fix bugs, enhance security, and improve stability. Some notable changes in this update include:

  • APC should now spawn units of the appropriate level
  • Fixed an issue where some Artifact benefits were not taking effect after upgrading
  • Fixed an issue where viewing sales would sometimes cause the game to crash
  • Improved Stronghold user interface for easier sorting and donating

Additional Notes[]

In this update, we’re also implementing bug fixes targeting two well-known outstanding issues in the community. The solutions for these bugs will most likely require additional follow-ups but we believe the changes included in 9.3 will help with these issues for many players.

  • Aircrafts getting stuck in loops
    • Note: We believe we’ve narrowed down a fix for Aircrafts that get stuck in a loop, but there may still be some edge cases that could still trigger this in certain scenarios. We're going to keep a close eye on this to see if any new reports arise.
  • Improvements to Battle Replays
    • Note: We’ve made several updates to the Replay system in 9.3 that aims to improve the replay accuracy players are seeing when watching replay data. The data is recorded correctly when tracking and displaying the results of the battle, there are instances though when the replay shown after the battle doesn’t match what happened. We’re going to monitor the data and feedback we get after the update is in players hands, we will follow up with more information as we have it.

If you’re still having issues with these bugs after the update, please let us know in this thread. We will be monitoring closely and any additional information will be very helpful for us.