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The ‘Treasures of the World’ update is coming soon!

Come visit the Museum![]

  • Located along the edge of the map near the Alliance Gate, the Museum can be repaired in the Gunpowder Age and above!
  • The Museum allows you to craft, display, and empower Artifacts from throughout history

Begin your Collection![]

  • There are 5 categories of Artifacts: Weapon, Armor, Jewelry, Pottery, and Legendary.
  • Legendary Artifacts are rare and will be available from limited time events - sales, Marco Polo, and other means!
  • Each Artifact contains 5 benefits that can improve nearly all aspects of gameplay. Discover a wide range of effects that best suit your unique playstyle!

A New Currency - Mysterious Fragments[]

  • Piece together Mysterious Fragments to reconstruct rare Artifacts from around the world for your Museum.
  • Mysterious Fragments are generated over time by the Museum and can be won in battle.
  • The stronger your opponent and the more stars you earn in battle, the more Mysterious Fragments you receive!

Unlock your Artifact’s Potential[]

  • While all Artifacts contain 5 benefits, most Artifacts will start with only 1 or 2 of those benefits unlocked.
  • To fully unlock all of your Artifact’s benefits, you must collect and use new items - Supplies, Researchers, and Benefactors.
  • Each time you unlock an Artifact it will acquire an additional star - up to 5 stars. At 5 stars an Artifact will have all benefits unlocked!
  • Supplies, Researcher, and Benefactors can be obtained in Expeditions, League Boat, and the Victory Chest.
  • For those looking to top off their collection of Supplies, Researchers, and Benefactors they may also purchase the new Museum Resource Chest.

Empower your Artifacts![]

  • Each unlocked benefit on an Artifact can be leveled up to Level 10 increasing its power with each level.
  • Leveling up a benefit requires resources and a new item - Blueprints. Blueprints can be obtained by selling off any unwanted Artifacts you may have.

iPhone X support[]

  • Removes the ‘letterbox’ black bars, allowing you to take advantage of more of the screen!

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed a crash that can occur when opening the map editor
  • Ensured that the Quick Victory bar is visible in battle
  • Undamaged Generals won’t go on cooldown after being healed by Supply Carts
  • Thai text appears properly in chat windows
  • All Mines are now grouped together in the Map Editor
  • Closing the historical text window no longer closes the whole event
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when going to battle before a replay loads
  • Corrected the P-40 Warhawk image that comes from Mystery Chests
  • Prevented a crash that could occur after watching World War replays
  • Corrected the unit drop area when attacking old bases
  • Recently purchased Coalitions are added more quickly to the Prepare for Battle Screen
  • Corrected the truncated Portuguese text at the Traveling Merchant
  • Prepare for Battle window now lists the correct age needed to access troop types
  • Corrected the number of Tactics that appear in the attack history when multiples are used
  • A message now appears in the Vault explaining how to add Oil if currently unable
  • Ensured that University bonuses correctly apply to defensive buildings during World War
  • The Rocket Arsenal now benefits from increased defender health and reduced spawn time granted by Acropolis
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits