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Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations v10.1 Update is starting to roll out now featuring several bug fixes, including corrections to Aircraft flight paths, and structure placement.

  • Additional changes to aircraft pathing to help with intended flight behaviors
  • Fixed an issue where retraining a Unique Nation unit would display a standard unit information window.
  • Corrected the ability to place structures in front of the Museum building
  • Added one additional level to the following structures:
    • Stable
    • Missile Silo
    • Spike Trap
    • SAM Turret
  • We bid farewell to Pompus as he takes off for a well-deserved retirement. Pompus has served us all tirelessly and introduced you to many first experiences throughout the ages. While he may be going into retirement for some well-deserved relaxation, fear not for he has left you in good hands! We are pleased to introduce you to Sophia, who from this day forward will guide you to glorious conquest as you continue to advance into the upcoming Drone Age! To celebrate we've included a brand new Sophia wallpaper!
  • Fixed an issue where University Research time reduction would appear to go beyond the 85% cap