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Greetings Leaders,

The latest DomiNations update is on the way! For Update 12.6 we introduce the ability to loot Materials from destroyed Manufactory buildings in multiplayer attacks. Additionally, we’re adding the ability to use several buildings as they’re upgrading, which comes at a perfect time for Automation Age players with the next set of upgrades on the way! We also reveal the latest Councilor coming to DomiNations and a tease for the next set of Legendary Artifacts you’ll soon be able to obtain.

Manufactory Updates[]

Nearly six months have passed since the release of the Manufactory Building! In that time, we’ve received a ton of great feedback and have been carefully monitoring the progression of your Munition builds. With that being said, we’re making a couple of changes to the Manufactory building, including the ability to acquire Materials in multiplayer attacks and two additional slots for Assembly and Production!

Material Looting[]

Update 12.6 brings the ability to loot Materials from bases during multiplayer attacks! This should help with a bit of the progression grind to your Munition planning, however, there are some restrictions with Material looting.

  • You can loot Materials ONLY in multiplayer battles, World War battles will not have Material drops.
  • Platinum cannot be looted; this being a rare resource (taking extended time to develop) we want to keep this Material as is to require careful planning of your Manufactory progress.
  • Attackers will gain 5% of unclaimed Materials from each production slot of a destroyed Manufactory. The sum of which will be displayed on the victory screen as a generic Material (tapping the “?” icon will give a detailed list of the looted Materials).
  • Attackers will need at least 3-Stars to successfully loot from a destroyed ManufactoryThanks to your feedback we’ve improved details for Munition requirements. Tapping the “?” within the Munition information window will reveal a list of Units and Buildings and the level requirement for assigning. This way, it should be easier to see how far you’ll need to progress to assign a Munition!

This update to the Manufactory also removes the ability to change Munition benefits during World War. Being able to change active Munition benefits during a World War was unintentional. At the start of War Day your Munition benefits are set for the duration of the war. As usual, you can swap Munitions, but it will only affect your regular Multiplayer battles.

Additional Assembly and Production Slots[]

We’ve heard your feedback regarding the need for additional slots in the Manufactory. Originally, you would unlock two more Production and Assembly slots by upgrading the Manufactory building to level 5 after reaching Automation Age. For Update 12.6, you’ll unlock your third slot at Space Age building level 3, fourth slot at Information Age building level 4, and finally two more slots at Automation Age building level 5. Leaders that have already upgraded their Manufactory to level 5 will receive the two additional slots automatically after the update!

Buildings Usable While Upgrading[]

In Update 12.6 you’ll be able to Upgrade buildings and still access their functionality. This includes:

  • Library
  • University
  • Parliament
  • Barracks
  • Factory
  • Airstrip

Now you can freely upgrade, research, and retrain while still participating in battle at full strength! As you get higher in Ages upgrades can take quite a bit of time, and we didn’t want to hold you back from participating in multiplayer while progressing your base.

We’ve introduced new countdown timers for these buildings and the Museum. These timers will indicate the time left for any active upgrades and notify you when an upgrade is complete! This update should also fix the issue where some players were unable to retrain their Troops due to insufficient space.

Automation Age Upgrades[]

Spoiler: Buidling Upgrade[]

Building Upgrade Time Cost Citizens HP XP Amount DPS
Level 11
19d 22,500,000 Gold 4 22,950 6,000 540
Level 5
13d 7,500,000 Gold
24,000 Gold Rearm Cost
1 12,500 2,500 1,435
Level 19
21d 340,000 Oil 4 34,250 6,000

Spoiler: Unit Upgrade[]

Unit Upgrade Time Cost HP XP Amount DPS
Captain’s Machine Gun II
Level 18
21d Upgrade
320,000 Oil
162 Oil
6,620 3,500 636

(2,900 vs Defenders)

Captain’s Infiltrator
Level 18
21d Upgrade
330,000 Oil
355 Oil
17,560 3,500 795
(39,750 vs Buildings and Walls)
Captain’s Heavy Tank II
Level 17
21d Upgrade
340,000 Oil
2,950 Oil
86,950 3,500 6,233
(12,466 vs Cavalry, General, Heavy Tanks)
Captain’s Bazooka II
Level 16
21d Upgrade
330,000 Oil
468 Oil
8,340 3,500 790
(5,530 vs Tanks, Walls, Buildings)
Captain’s Armored Car II
Level 16
21d Upgrade
330,000 Oil
785 Oil
18,550 3,500 3,160
(9,480 vs Resource Buildings)
Captain’s APC II
Level 14
21d Upgrade
330,000 Oil
785 Oil
8,190 3,500 646
Captain’s Tactical Helicopter II
Level 13
21d Upgrade
330,000 Oil
1,100 Oil
9,470 3,500 261 Heal Per Second
(783 on Generals, Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Tank)
Captain’s MRL II
Level 12
21d Upgrade
330,000 Oil
930 Oil
4,820 3,500 676 DPS
2,705 DMG Per Rocket

Upcoming Legendary Artifacts[]

Three more Legendary Artifacts are on the way! Two Main Hall and one War Hall, you’ll find the first of these available in June. Keep an eye out for the Week Ahead posts where we’ll feature the full reveals and availability information in the coming months.

New Councilor: Lü Bu[]

Glorified within the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there are very few warriors in history who can embody the chaos of war like Lü Bu.

The next Councilor will focus on increasing your resources and Defender Spawns in Multiplayer battles. The War version of Lü Bu gives your enemies some defensive debuffs while increasing the potency of your Generals and Heavy Infantry.

Spoiler: Lü Bu War Stats[]

Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Enemy Tower DMG -10% Enemy Tower DMG -11% Enemy Tower DMG -13% Enemy Tower DMG -15% Enemy Tower DMG -18%
Heavy Infantry DMG +9% Heavy Infantry DMG +11% Heavy Infantry DMG +13% Heavy Infantry DMG +16%
Enemy Wall HP -11% Enemy Wall HP -12% Enemy Wall HP -16%
Heavy Infantry Attack Speed +9% Heavy Infantry Attack Speed +12%
Generals DMG +16%

Spoiler: Lü Bu Main Hall Stats[]

Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Gold from Caravans +7% Gold from Caravans +8% Gold from Caravans +10% Gold from Caravans +12% Gold from Caravans +15%
Looted Resource Refund +11% Looted Resource Refund +13% Looted Resource Refund +15% Looted Resource Refund +18%
Wall HP +11% Wall HP +13% Wall HP +16%
Defender Spawn Time -9% Defender Spawn Time -12%
Invading Generals Attack Speed -12%

You can expect to begin recruiting Lü Bu in early June!

Additional Updates[]

  • Minor UI and Graphical error corrections.
  • Fixed an issue where the Field Kit Munition wouldn’t increase Commando Attack Speed.