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The v1.3.55 (Android) and v1.3.55 (iOS) update of DomiNations has been released!

Change Nations and Wonders

  • Starting in the Medieval Age, use Revolution to choose a new Nation!
  • Make a Wonder mistake? Don’t fret! Now you can change Wonders!

League Improvements

  • Earn bigger Food and Gold rewards for every victorious multiplayer battle!
  • The higher the League, the bigger the rewards!
  • The Daily League Bonus now gives specific trade goods!

New War Tactic: Betrayal

  • Convert enemy units to your side!
  • Cavalry are prioritized. Very useful when dealing with Horsemen!
  • Generals will never betray their leader.
  • Betrayed units deal less damage and have less HP. This penalty can be reduced by upgrading Betrayal.

Improved Library Techs

  • Many changes to library techs, with many of them getting a power boost!
  • Exploration level 2 now decreases debris clearing cost by 50%.
  • Exploration level 2 now adds a chance of finding an animal when clearing debris.
  • Zeal level 2 and level 3 swapped places.
  • Hounds level 3 now increases chance of finding bears and boars.
  • Cast Iron level 3 now increases raider attack by 20%.
  • Battle Tactics level 1 now increases duration of Sabotage and Protection by 20%.
  • Fortification level 2 now increases Garrison defender attack by 10%.
  • Hounds now unlocks in Gunpowder Age.
  • Many of the economic techs moved to a later Age - Exploration, Crop Rotation, Commerce, and Zeal
  • Ballistics was moved to an earlier Age.

Gunpowder Age Wonders Balance and Improvements

  • Temple of Tikal now increases trade good cap by 2, and refunds 3% of the resources stolen by opponents.
  • Taj Mahal now increases loot stolen from opponents by 2%, and gives a free Mercenary Army once per day.
  • Angkor Wat no longer increases trade good cap.

Better Player Support

  • All New Customer Support System
  • In the Settings tab -> Customer Service
  • Houses a better FAQ, more direct contact, and faster responses!

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixes for some Android device crashes
  • Massive improvements to cheat and exploit detection and correction systems
  • New players no longer get stuck trying to Claim a Goal that can't be Claimed!
  • Fixed Wonder info screen showing incorrect resource generation bonuses
  • Fixed some cases where DomiNations would stop on the loading or downloading screen
  • Mercenaries no longer disappearing from camps after revealing them from an expansion
  • Fixed mercenaries who refused to walk to the mercenary camp
  • Incomplete replays no longer lock up devices
  • Visit button properly closes when trying to visit a different player
  • Fixes for Training Blessing not performing as intended when exiting the game
  • Fixed Stonehenge Road bonus to work correctly when building is finished and it is already connected to a Town Center
  • Fixed incorrect Mill upgrade cost
  • Fix for not being able to Request Troops to full capacity after using partial Troop Donation
  • Alliance and Leaderboard screens are more performant and show a loading animation when they are loading!
  • Alliance Chat messages no longer go out of order
  • Alliance names now handle Cyrillic characters
  • Alliance Search Improvements (filters Alliances based on medal count and requirements)
  • Non-Latin keyboards will now correctly appear when needed
  • Players can Request Troops even if they have an existing request for troops (bumps the request to top of the Alliance Chat)
  • Added iOS 8 Widget timers for Alliance Gate, Traps, and Roads
  • Added Blessings to the Rewards screen after battles
  • Added loading animation when Attack and Defense histories are loading from server
  • Added an Information popup when tapping on troops, tactics, and blessings in the Attack Replays screen
  • Added information for players when medal counts are below the Bronze III league
  • Added an info button to the Dock to open Leagues
  • Gold generated by Roads, raidable at Town Centers, now show up correctly in replays
  • Updated phrasing and places of the "Under Attack" messages
  • Updated icons for Wonder Powers
  • Troops are automatically bought if Crowns used in place of Food
  • Troop training times no longer reset when removing Troops from the training queue
  • In Gunpowder age, Blacksmith is renamed to Armory
  • A General's current level now correctly appears in the Castle
  • Effects and art polish for Generals!
  • Players can now view Blessings in the Collections screen without a Temple building
  • Much easier to place down a single wall or road in the Map Editor
  • Tapping on traps which are on top of roads now selects the trap on first tap
  • Goals window now "pings" if you have an expired Goal
  • A HOST of grammar fixes (oxford commas and whatnot)


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