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Parliament Buildings

V8.4 Alliance Research update of DomiNations is coming soon!

Alliance Research[]

  • Laws are coming to DomiNations!
  • Build the Parliament building on your Base to access Alliance Laws.
  • Each Law researched adds a new bonus to you and every member of your Alliance.
  • Work together with your Alliance to unlock new Laws that benefit you all!
  • Contribute Research Points to help unlock and upgrade different Laws each with their own unique bonuses for your Base.
  • Each time you contribute Research Points to a Law there is a chance the amount contributed will be multiplied! Upgrade Parliament to increase your chances of getting multipliers.
  • Alliance Leaders can highlight a Law to let their members know which law they see as a priority.

New Event Goals[]

  • New Goals in Events that focus on World War battles!

Last Login Time[]

  • See the last time members of your Alliance logged into DomiNations when setting up a World War.

Digital Age Building Upgrades[]

  • Upgrade Walls to Level 20
  • Upgrade Gates to Level 20
  • Upgrade the Sniper Tower to Level 12
  • Upgrade the Missile Silo to Level 9 and the Big Red Button to Level 4

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

The team works hard to include improvements and fix crashes throughout DomiNations with each release. Some of these changes include:

  • Memory leaks have been addressed.
  • Fixed issues relating to getting network disconnects when using large amounts of Speed Ups.
  • Additional measure implemented to punish and roll back cheaters.