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Update 11.3 Introduces Drone Command!

Players that have reached Drone Age will now have access to the Drone Command Building which includes an Offensive Drone, a Defensive Drone, and a War Defensive Drone. For a complete breakdown of Drone Command be sure to check out our Sitrep #2 Video Blog Post releasing later this week, or take a look at the Directives found here!

Updates to Offensive Drone:

  • Offensive Drone is targetable by GCI Radar
  • Offensive Drone will receive increased HP with each level.Looking for a head start on Drone Charged Directives? Starting 11/28 you’ll be able to pick up two sets of Standard Directive Crates for 1000 Crowns a pack. That's four total Standard Directive Crates for 2000 Crowns!

Come back on 12/2 for even more Charged Directive Power! The Legendary Drone Directive Crate step-up sale begins featuring Exceptional Directive crates that can get you some of the most powerful versions of the available Charged Directives.

Sabotage UpdateThis update also implements changes to Sabotage. As outlined in our Sitrep post, Sabotage now will gain .5 seconds of duration with each level as opposed to the 1-second increase per level. This is being introduced as an initial step to help normalize this War Tactic in particular and is not our final pass on what we hope to achieve in its final state. We’re going to let this change simmer for a while to see how it impacts battles and plan for additional tuning some time in the future.

We’ve implemented a fix for the Lewis Chessmen Artifact where some players wouldn’t receive the correct level of Raider spawning from forests.

We resolved a bug where forests could be removed when placing buildings on top of them via Map Editor.

Fixed an issue where Level 14 Road Bonuses weren't being implemented when these roads were connected to City Center. This is now working as intended and giving the correct HP Bonus.

Additionally, we’ve implemented login fixes for our Android and iOS players in the West.

Update 11/23 3:49PM ESTFix is live so that the Drone Command Building cannot be sabotaged before start of battle

Counter-Intelligence fix is on the way for a release in next week's Hotfix.

Added the missing note for Road Bonuses.

Drone Directive Sales have been pushed to start 11/28