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As DomiNations has continued to grow over the years, so has the amount of time and dedication it takes to progress to the heart of the game. With this in mind, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the experience for both new and longstanding players alike.

With DomiNations Update 12.1, we're implementing a series of changes aimed at helping players progress faster and more efficiently, at all stages of the game.

As a new player, it doesn't take very long to start running into timers that halt progression. We'd like to make it easier for new players to get even further into the game before experiencing the weight of longer build times. A lot of fun content unlocks early on, and this should allow new players to sink their teeth into more as they are just starting out.

For established, experienced players, it becomes quite easy to run out of ways to interact with your base as Citizens can sometimes be tied up on upgrades for weeks at a time. In addition to timer reductions, we’ve also reduced the Citizen requirements across some of your daily interactions. With those aspects combined, we aim to ensure players can have more frequent opportunities to manage and advance their town.

Time Reductions:[]

  • Build Time Reduction- (includes ALL Buildings except Wonders)
    • Dawn Age to Gunpowder Age 95% Reduction
    • Enlightenment Age 90% Reduction
    • Industrial Age 80% Reduction
    • Global Age 35% Reduction
    • Atomic Age to Digital Age 20% Reduction
    • Information Age to Drone Age 10% Reduction
  • Research Time Reduction- (includes ONLY Troops, Tactics, Aircraft, and Factory. Generals and Coalitions will remain the same.)
    • Dawn Age to Iron Age 75% Reduction
    • Classical Age and Medieval Age 60% Reduction
    • Gunpowder Age and Enlightenment 50% Reduction
    • Industrial Age 35% Reduction
    • Global Age 25% Reduction
    • Atomic Age 10% Reduction

Citizen Requirement Reductions:[]

  • Forest Clearing - 2 Citizens
  • Hunt ANY Animal - 1 Citizen
  • Fruit Trees and Gold Mines - 1 Citizen
  • ALL Expeditions - 1 Citizen
    • Stacks with Library Research will reduce Citizen requirement to 0 if ‘Shipping’ Level 5 is researched
  • Wonder Construction - 4 Citizens
  • Castle Upgrades - 4 Citizens
  • Town Hall Upgrades - 4 Citizens

Increased Resource Shipments[]

A series of new Resource Shipment chest will become available. You’ll find these chests as apart of Quest Event rewards, Marco Polo exchanges, and more. These Resource Shipment chests will offer a guaranteed total between their small, medium, and large versions that you can grab to fill resources at a cheaper rate!

These changes will take place as soon as we release the 12.1 Update shortly! With these changes, we hope to see many DomiNations players reaching their goals faster, and encouraging more advanced players to be able to find their place competitively in World Wars. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these changes, do you see these changes benefiting you?


As of 12/4/23 3:46 PM EST a fix went out to cover the following:

  • Fixed the issue where one Gold Mine still required 2 Villagers
  • Swapping a Wonder requires only 4 Villagers