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Remembering the Great War 6.6 Update[]

The Remembering the Great War update is coming soon!

Museum - World War Hall[]

  • The museum is expanding! Exhibits will be split into the Main Hall and the World War Hall.
  • All new Artifacts with unique uses in World War will be available for the new wing.

Museum - General Improvements[]

  • All Legendary Artifacts will be treated as unique items, preventing duplicate Legendaries from being used.
  • You can now re-roll a single modifier for your Museum Artifacts!
  • New Museum info window gives you more information on how to better use your museum

Centennial of the WWI Armistice[]

  • COMING SOON! Commemorating the end of World War I 100 years ago, DomiNations is proud to feature new Museum Artifacts and Troop Tactics.
  • Museum Artifacts:
  • Pershing Bas-Relief [World War Hall], Rickenbacker’s Croix de Guerre [Main Hall]
  • Troop Tactics
  • Big Bertha, Whippet Tank, Harlem Hellfighters, A7V Tank, Captain Rickenbacker
  • Troop Tactic Generals: General Pershing, Ferdinand Foch
  • Event Building: Livens Flame Projector

Wall Manuals[]

  • A new item type for the Archive, Wall Manuals allow instant upgrades to Wall and Gate segments!
  • Wall Manuals can be found in Mystery Boxes, Marco Polo, from sales, and in-game rewards.
  • Gold II and higher leagues can find Wall Manuals in Victory Chest & League Boats, plus as General rewards on Expeditions!

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Allow Victory Chests to be claimed with 12 Stars as soon as the Spoils of War Library research is complete
  • Updated the Heavy Tank Mk6 artwork
  • Fixed a bug preventing Troops from retraining after watching a video
  • Added tutorials for placing walls and roads
  • Smoothed scrolling on the Map Editor
  • Fixed alignment of Veteran Bazooka Army Troops in Mystery Chests
  • Calculate full Oil costs when retraining multiple generals
  • Added off-screen notifications for Museum, Marco Polo, and Crown pass
  • Prevented World Wars from disappearing and Alliances being unable to search for a new World War
  • Minor art fixes and text edits