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Strategy & Conquest 6.5 Update

The Archive and Speed Ups (available soon after launch!)[]

  • This brand new building will be first available in the Iron Age.
  • View and store luxury items like Speed Ups.
  • Speed Ups can be used to decrease the time it takes to unlock Artifacts, build or upgrade buildings, research at the Library or University, or used to shorten Expedition times.
  • Upgrade your Archive to use longer Speed Ups!


  • Replacing the previous Food/Gold/Oil bonuses, the DOMINATION! Bonus grants you larger resource gains the more Stars you earn in battle.
  • See the bonus listed when scouting opponents and after claiming your victory!

New Cold War Upgrades[]

  • Increase your Factory to level 9
  • Unlock new upgrades for the Machine Gun, Commando, Heavy Tank, Bazooka, Armored Car, APC, Tactical Helicopter, and MRL!

New University Leader - Hannibal Barca[]

  • Research Hannibal’s skill tree at the University to improve your Tactics, Castle, and Mercenaries.
  • Harness the power of his Capstone, The Ultimate Tactician, which unlocks Hannibal as a General.
  • When used in battle, General Hannibal will deploy additional elephants to the battlefield!

Museum Updates[]

  • New Artifact benefits will increase Factory and Barracks Troops on offence, and weaken your opponent’s buildings and defending forces on defense.
  • Additional museum artifacts for Africa and the Americas!

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Improved the ability to see each step of the unlocking sales!
  • Previous custom message is the new default message for Friendly Challenges
  • New Troop Tactics and buildings for seasonal events!
  • Corrected Vault display when withdrawing resources
  • Replaced generic image in Alliance Gifts
  • Prevented retrain buttons from overlapping other windows
  • Ensured that all houses update properly when moving into the Cold War Age
  • The Mystery Chest rate list can now scroll when claiming rewards
  • Top Alliances can be viewed directly from the Leaderboard
  • Fixed a bug preventing Screenshots from being added to Customer Service tickets
  • Prevented Blessings from being used in World War attacks
  • Removed banned players from the Leaderboard
  • Troops Donated/Received now includes World War
  • iOS: Game widget updates with progress
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits