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Six Momentous Years: 1939-1945 v7.4 Update[]

v7.4 ‘Six Momentous Years: 1939-1945’ update of DomiNations.

Improved Events![]

  • Play through the greatest moments in history as you complete a wide variety of Goals to earn exciting rewards
  • New Goals will be added each day throughout the event. Unlock rewards by completing these goals!
  • Earn great prizes as you compete for your place on the Event Leaderboards
  • Unlock additional rewards with the Event Pass!

Space Age Building Upgrades[]

  • Air Defense can now be upgraded to level 8.
  • Missile Silo can now be upgraded to level 7. (Available shortly after release.)
  • Shipyard can now be upgraded to level 11.
  • Rocket Arsenal can now be upgraded to level 2.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Corrected the War weight values of Space Age buildings. This will improve matchmaking where Space Age bases are involved.
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits



New Events in DomiNations!