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The Information Age v9.0 Update Notes[]

Advance your civilization to the next age of history to acquire new troop and building levels Construct additional Claymore, Landmine, Air Defense, and Anti-Tank Gun buildings 3 new Mercenaries; DRDO Pinaka (Ranged Cavalry), PMC (Merc Soldier), Type 99 Tank (Merc Heavy Tank).

GCI Radar[]

  • Fortify your base with the sleek new, lightning-fast GCI Radar trap.
  • The GCI Radar is a new anti-air trap that summons an Interceptor Airplane to fire an air-to-air missile at an enemy aircraft unit when it enters within the detection radius of this trap.

New Wonders[]

This age comes with four new Wonders, each with its own unique benefits

Hermitage Museum[]

  • Generates a Museum Resource chest that can be collected every 6 hours
  • Unlocks a special Museum Exhibit in both the Main Hall and War Hall that allows you to equip an artifact of any type within them, including legendary artifacts.

Sydney Stadium[]

  • Generates a National Trade Good chest that can be collected 6 times per day
  • Guarantees a x10 multiplier to your first Law Contribution per day

Taipei 101[]

  • Generates a chest once per day that contains a variety of item and currency rewards
  • Increases the Oil production rate per hour of all Oil Wells that are within a radius of this building by 20%

Burj Al Arab[]

  • Each house placed near this Wonder reduces the upgrade time of all buildings by 1%
  • Once per battle, Spawns Spec Ops Infantry units when an enemy ground unit enters within its detection radius

New Library Techs[]

Aerial Interception[]

  • Chapter 1: Increases Damage of GCI Radar Aircraft by 10%
  • Chapter 2: Increases Flight Speed of GCI Radar Aircraft by 35%
  • Chapter 3: Increases GCI Radar Limit by 1
  • Chapter 4: Increases Damage of GCI Radar Aircraft by 10%
  • Chapter 5: GCI Radar Cannot be Disabled by Satellites

Counter Offensive[]

  • Chapter 1: +10% Machine Gun Tower attack
  • Chapter 2: +10% Machine Gun attack
  • Chapter 3: Machine Gun Tower Suppresses Enemy Troops by 30%
  • Chapter 4: +10% Machine Gun hitpoints
  • Chapter 5: Machine Gun Tower Spawns 3 Machine Gun Units When Destroyed

Orders of Council[]

  • Chapter 1: Reduces Food and Gold Costs for Law Contributions by 15%
  • Chapter 2: Increases Chance of x10 Law Contribution Multiplier by 10%
  • Chapter 3: Increases Parliament health by 15%
  • Chapter 4: Reduces Oil Cost for Law Contributions by 10%
  • Chapter 5: Increases Chance of x20 Law Contribution Multiplier by 5%

Assault Battalion[]

  • Chapter 1: +10% Machine Gun attack
  • Chapter 2: +10% Paratrooper hitpoints
  • Chapter 3: Increases Hitpoints of Heavy Infantry Spawned by APC by 15%
  • Chapter 4: +10% Paratrooper damage
  • Chapter 5: +10% Commando Movement Speed

New Alliance Features[]

War Efforts is a new branch in the Alliance Laws; containing 6 Laws that focus on World War New Alliance Levels Perks Alliance Levels now include levels 16 through 20, with a unique perk included at each level.

  • Level 16: Laying Plans
    • Reduces the cooldown of Rally during World War attacks by 10%.
  • Level 17: Soldiers of Fortune
    • Increases the damage and hitpoints of all Mercenary troops during World War attacks by 10%.
  • Level 18: Tactical Dispositions
    • Decreases the spawn time of Defenders when attacked during World War by 10%.
  • Level 19: Battle Cry
    • Generals gain 15% bonus attack speed while under the effect of Rally or Assault Rally.
    • This perk provides generals with this mechanic during both War and PvP.
  • Level 20: Cold War Age Promotion
    • Donated troops are automatically upgraded to Cold War Age if they’re below Cold War Age rank.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Improved Speedup Requests so messages are removed from Alliance Chat
  • Players will no longer disconnect when claiming Chicago Expedition
  • Fixed an issue in the Store where offers for Crowns were not displaying on some devices
  • Fixed an issue where loading bar would freeze when replacing a Wonder
  • Fixed several issues where Speedup icons appeared over buildings in Editor mode
  • Closed out an exploit where Helicopter troops could move off map to avoid damage
  • Other minor bug fixes, text updates and UI fixes