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v5.8 ‘Combat Intel’ update is Out Now!

World War Replays[]

  • Out of beta! Thanks for all the testing and feedback!
  • World War replays allow both Alliances to watch the best attack made against each base.
  • Observe your allies (as well as your enemies) in action!

Replay Sharing (Coming Soon!)[]

  • Share replays of your favorite multiplayer attacks and defenses with members of your Alliance!

Missile Silo[]

  • Defend your Global Age and Atomic Age base with the powerful Missile Silo!
  • After an attacker places enough troops to be considered a threat, the Missile Silo will fire - and will target the largest cluster of troops with the highest value of hitpoints for the rest of the battle. Missiles from the silo will damage all troops clustered together.
  • The Missile Silo can target nearly anywhere on the map!

Emperor Moctezuma[]

  • Research Emperor Moctezuma’s skill tree at the University to improve your resource gathering economy!
  • Harness the power of his Capstone, Triple Alliance, which provides 1 additional random National Trade Good whenever you gain at least 1 National Trade Good from battle.

Balance Changes[]

  • League Boats, Victory Chests, and Video Rewards can possibly include:
    • Troop Tactics
    • Tactics
    • Blessings
    • Trade Good and National Trade Good Shipments
    • Mercenary Contracts
    • Recruits
  • Decoy tactic no longer gives a movement speed bonus to affected defenders.
  • The Trap Blessing now has one of its uses consumed if any traps are tripped. Previously needed 10% or more total damage dealt.
  • Spoils of War Ch. 1 was changed back to apply only to resources.
  • Fixed a bug where Redoubts didn’t immediately start attacking troops that were standing at the building’s maximum range
  • All levels of the Armored Car Troop Tactic will have their Hitpoints and Damage match the Armored Car built from the Factory.

Other Improvements[]

  • Buildings bought from deals now go to your inventory.

Performance Improvements[]

  • Game components are bundled differently for faster download and smaller footprint

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

  • Fixed an issue when looking for Alliance Crests
  • Updated all Troop Tactics to appear unique in the troop tray and Stronghold
  • Ballistics Library tech now calculates the correct unit space cost when donating Ranged Siege and Supply Wagon troops during War
  • Multiplayer replays were corrected to show National Trade Goods earned
  • Fixed a University bug where the chance to earn National Trade Goods was being miscalculated
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Library shelf from scrolling to the left
  • Fixed a visual bug where it appeared that you could donate Troop Tactics during World War even after a player’s Stronghold was full