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DomiNations v9.7 Checks and Balances[]

Greeting Leaders!

Our v9.7 Update ‘Checks and Balances’ includes several new Information Age building levels, a balance update to Generals, and more! Read below to see what’s new.

Information Age Upgrades 2.0[]

New Building Levels

  • The following Buildings are receiving an additional level for players to upgrade to
    • Dock
    • Wall
    • Gate
    • Claymore
    • Air Defense
  • 5 new Expeditions will be added to the new Dock level

Generals Rebalance[]

Earlier this week we released details about our General Eisenhower and General Zhukov changes, you can read more on why we are making these changes [1].

  • General Eisenhower Army (New Unit)
    • Reduced range in Helicopter form
    • Reduced health in Helicopter form by 10%
    • Reduced damage in Helicopter form by 12%
    • Reduced health in Ground form by 10%
    • Reduced splash damage radius in Ground and Helicopter form
  • General Zhukov
    • Reduced range

Treasure Dock Interface Change[]

In an effort to make the interface more user-friendly, the guitar-pick shaped notification that appears over the treasure dock will now disappear as soon as the Treasure Dock is visited and will no longer require clicking on every tab in the Treasure Dock to remove.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[]

We’re continuing to focus on making impactful improvements and addressing players' needs. Some changes in this update include:

  • Disabled resource refund while the Instant Retrain blessing is active to correct an exploit that allowed players to max oil
  • Oil Seeps should no longer spawn under buildings
  • Fixed an issue where Pompous would not show up during the tutorial for some players
  • Fixed an issue with Decoy Trap displaying 0 sec duration
  • Fixed an issue with Library Research displaying negative duration
  • And more fixes!

* Please note: This update is starting to roll out to Android and Apple stores today. It may not yet be available to all players.