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The Urumi is the special unit for the Indians unlocked in the embassy and can only be used for world wars. Since the Indians are a defensive coalition, these warriors will join your forest defenders to help fend off attackers.

These swift warriors wield whip-swords of thin metal and deal area of effect damage to their enemies.

Historical Description[]

The urumi is a long, flexible, and whip-like metal sword originating in India.It is swung around both sides of the body in a continuous cyclical motion. Proficient use requires so much agility that wearing armor is out of the question. The whirling blade is threatening enough to ward of multiple enemies at once, but it is also dangerous to the unprotected wielder. Due to its potential for self-harm, the urumi is the final weapon taught in Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art of the Indian state of Kerala. An urumi typically has a single blade and is paired with a small shield. However, a true master can wield one in each hand. There are even known examples that have multiple blades.


As Coalition Troops

Level Hitpoints Health icon Damage per second Damage
1 4,931 20
2 5,535 31
3 6,139 36
4 6,742 41
5 10,005 52
6 12,190 67
7 14,030 78
8 15,433 86