King Oskar

aka Oskar Stančiak

  • I was born on February 5
House Japanese Medieval Age

I started playing DomiNations! in 21.11.2015 and been playing it ever since.

I was the one who added a few japanese houses in the house page. I cutted them from my screenshots myself.

My current age in-game is Enlightment Age. I have reached medieval age in 10 of january 2016 (50 days after starting the game).

The reason why it was so fast is because I researched the game a little bit before AND I played many clash of clans style games before including:

Boom Beach, Titan Empires, Total Conquest, Island Raiders, Clash of the Kingdoms and Castle Clash (each one of them has something unique that clash of clans don't have)


I do have a lot of video games I like, but a great majority of them are strategy video games. Like The Settlers 7 or Age of Empires III.

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