aka FroggyKilla

  • I live in A House
  • I am A Fish

Hello DomiNations! Wiki, I am Mr. RTS, also known as FroggyKilla in-game. Yes, I am a person. No, I don't kill frogs.

I play as the:

  • French

I am in:

  • Gunpowder Age

I have these troops:

  • Pikemen
  • Crossbowman
  • Heavy Cavalry Raider
  • Elite Chevalier
  • Veteran Wall Miner
  • Ballista
  • Supply Cart
  • Alexander (Level 5)
  • Cleopatra (Level 5)

I have these Wonders

  • Hanging Gardens
  • Notre Dame
  • Versailles
  • Brandenburg Gate (soon)

Versailles is an essential for French players and Brandenburg Gate is an amazing wonders because I am afraid of Bunkers.

Cannot wait to play the rest of this game! But before they do the remaining ages (Global Age, Space Age), I want to make sure it is done right.

My favorite pagesEdit

I don't have a favorite page. But I can tell you I do blogs, which can include your favorites.

Future BlogsEdit

  • Not doing these because I have a forum account (Same as my IGN), and Notability to store all my stuff to then implement once this game actually becomes stable.
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