aka ミラー強斗武

Council Content Moderator
  • I live in 石川市、琉球國
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is 兵士
  • I am Male

"I came here looking for information and ended up giving it!" - Sturmgewehr88, 2015

はいさい! (Hi in Okinawan) I'm Sturmgewehr88! I'm a strict Wikia Admin and Wikipedia Contributor. I'm here to make the DomiNations Wiki as high in quality; mainly for security, authority, and to give the most correct information as possible. For Ryukyu (Okinawa)!


General Information

As a Wiki Administrator, Moderator, and Contributor; I will do my best to help the DomiNations Wiki to make it high in quality. I'm a strict admin so making foolish or trollish edits and comments will have serious consequences (such as being blocked). I also will provide some edits along the way to help give some pages more description so players can understand more.

In case English is not your first language, I also speak:

  • German - Deutsch
  • French - français
  • Japanese - 日本語
  • Russian - Русский язык

My username comes from the German word for "assault rifle" (not any one weapon in particular) and the caliber of the Tiger tank's 88mm main gun. I abbreviate it as StG88.



What I'm Playing As...

Yes, I do notice when someone joins my alliance and I will donate troops to them if they ask. No, I'm not on all the time and won't be able to respond to you if you're only in my alliance for an hour before leaving.

Dragon crest

My Alliance, Haven Empire.

Account Number Name Nation Age Alliance
First Account Sturmgewehr88 Japanese Atomic Age Haven Empire
Second Account (retired) Deutscher88 Germans Global Age Haven Empire
Third Account 強斗武 Chinese Enlightenment Age Haven Empire

Things to do



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