• Amogh1988

    The Resources we get from Shipments are fairly small or rather insignificant 

    Current one oil shipment worth 1 or 2 diamonds which cost 20 crowns give only max 200 oil

    Food Gold we get is around 5000-12000 for 9 Cider or Metal

    There should be significant change in the quantities received as per ages

    At or after Enlightenment  age the rewards should 1% to 2 % of the total capacity making it a wise decision to buy

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  • Amogh1988

    New General

    January 23, 2018 by Amogh1988


    New Generals for Atomic Age and Cold war Age

    Prominent Personalities

    Adolf Hitler or Albert Einestien for Atomic Age

    John Keneddy for Cold War


    Atomic Age - Mk tank General

    Cold war Age - Air plane General


    Should have more attack around 450 for atomic age base and 2500 for cold war

    Hp around  25000 for Hitler and 3000 for Kenedy


    Cannon Towers and Spike traps

    Anti air troops

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