Hi I have couple things. First I have been playing since February 2016 I am a British fresh global age. I love my alliance (only one I have been in) but we have best donations and communication. That being said always looking for experienced and knowledgeable allies to join us. Alliance name is Dogs @ War. Our emblem is the Canadian flag [leader is Canadian] but we are very diverse allies from USA, UNITED KINGDOM, NETHERLANDS, SOUTH AMERICA AND COUPLE OTHER IN EUROPE. WE WAR A MINIMUM OF 3 TIMES A WEEK [U R NOT REQUIRED TO BE IN WARS] MOSTLY HAVE 4 WARS WEEKLY. We are happy to help, we will do everything to grow together, but importantly we love to be criticized so we can get better. With that being said I am a loyal player I am willing to prove myself in another alliance I can hit above my weight or below I am all about the team. I am willing to join a better organized alliance that is in top 100 or is working towards being top 100.

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