Hello DomiNations Wikia Community,

Someone suggested that we write a blog about our tournaments so here it is.

This is a short blog about how we came up with the idea for our third scoring parameter for DNations Ally Wars. When we started the tournament, we knew that an additional scoring parameter was needed with Nexon existing calculations which included Stars Earned and Average Destruction.  The original idea was to base 20% of the alliance score on how well their opponent did in World War.  If the opponent did well, then it was a worthy match, and the alliance would gain more points.  After Battle 1 in S1W1, we realized that the third parameter can easily be manipulated by the alliance.  For example, alliances can rearrange their bases so that the opponent can easily earn 5 stars in the attack.  

An emergency game change was announced for Battle 2 of S1W1.  We decided that we couldn't based a scoring parameter on something as unpredictable as the opponent's actions.  After much thought, we decided that the third parameter must be based on the individual members of the alliance.  The new parameter measures individual members by giving points to ONLY 5 star attacks on the higher rank opponent out of the 2 available attacks.  After some feedback, we realized the restriction would punish players who uses their second attack in World War.  So we refined the parameter by giving a point for each star earned on the higher rank opponent out of the 2 attacks.  This means that each member in the alliance had the potential of earning 5 points. This worked out perfectly because it correlates with the existing scoring parameter of Stars Earned.  So in a 10vs10 scenerio, the individual members can contribute 5 points each for a total of 50 Team points.  Luckily, the participating alliances agreed to the change in rules and we received a lot of positive feedbacks from it.

Hope everyone enjoyed the small insight into our tournament,


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