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  • RedJava

    Outdated Home Page

    June 2, 2017 by RedJava

    The home page has looked quite outdated as it looks shabby and unprofessional. We need someone who could fix up the page to quality standards in order to make it comfortable and easier for newcomers to access info.

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  • RedJava

    Name Suggestions

    November 30, 2015 by RedJava

    Since the names BHG gave to some unique units weren't historical, here are some suggestions.

    Gunpowder Age unit: Grenadier/Coldstream Guard (Misconception is that Yeomanry applies to volunteer cavalry regiments by yeomen)

    Enlightenment Age unit: Grenadier (if Grenadier is not chosen as a Gunpowder Age unit)/Royal Grenadier/Highlander/Coldstream Guard (if Coldstream Guard is not chosen as a Gunpowder Age unit); (Misconception above)

    Medieval Age unit: Fire Lance (Fire Lances were extremely common in China in the Medieval Age and are used by Song Dynasty troops against the Mongols)

    Gunpowder Age unit: Heavy Fire Lance (Misconception is that the Fire Dragon is actually a manual about gunpowder weapon ideas of the early Ming Dynasty)

    Enlightenment …

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  • RedJava


    October 3, 2015 by RedJava

    My prayers goes to the victims of the Oregon shooting. They died because they were Christians (The shooter asked anyone who was Christian to stand up; 10 did; and got shot in the head; those who didn't got shot in the leg.) And those who panicked of the shooting; my hearts goes onto them and thank the Lord for protecting them. I hope for the victims that they can find tranquility and peace with our Father in Heaven

    TehChristianCrusader (talk) 00:58, October 3, 2015 (UTC)

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  • RedJava

    Nation Ideas

    September 30, 2015 by RedJava

    Building Style: North European

    Unit Style: North European

    Strategy: Defensive/Offensive

    • Attrition damage by 1% per second for the units of the attacker until all defenses are destroyed.
    • Increases maximum army size by 5%.

    Russian unique units will replace standard heavy cavalry. Will have 30% more damage but 10% less health.

    Iron Age: Dvor Lancer

    Classical Age: Elite Dvor Lancer

    Medieval Age: Rusiny Lancer

    Gunpowder Age: Cossack

    Enlightenment Age: Elite Cossack

    Industrial Age: Poplavko-Jeffrey Armored Truck

    Global Age: T-26 Tank

    Space Age: T-80 Tank

    Building Style: Mediterranean

    Unit Style: South European

    Strategy: Offensive

    • Shows location of goods hidden in forests.
    • The Scout Tactic allows you to select an area to see hidden traps in the enemy's base.


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  • RedJava

    Another Nation Idea IV

    September 27, 2015 by RedJava

    Building Style: Western Oriental

    Unit Style: Western Oriental

    Strategy: Economic

    • 10% more income from farms
    • Farms generate 20 gold income. Increases by 10 each age.

    Egyptian unique units would replace standard raiders. Raiders are 15% more faster and 5% more health.

    Iron Age: Chariot

    Classical Age: Royal Chariot

    Medieval Age: Mamluk Bow Cavalry

    Gunpowder Age: Mameluke

    Enlightenment Age: Royal Mameluke

    Industrial Age: Shaturnal Gunners

    Global Age: EIFV

    Space Age: Royal EIFV

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