Building style: Oriental-Ryukyuan

Unit style: Oriental-Ryukyuan

Strategy: offensive/defensive

Nation powers

Maritime Fortress

  • 20% more gold from caravans
  • 10 extra walls, +5 per Age

Unique units

Ryukyuan unique units replace assault infantry and have 15% more health.

Iron Age: Peichin


Wears traditional Ryukyuan clothes and a headband.

Uses a wakizashi.

Classical Age: Heavy Peichin


Wears traditional Ryukyuan clothes, light armor, and a hat.

Uses a wakizashi.

Medieval Age: Hiki Peichin

File:Halberdier (Chinese).jpg

Wears armor and a hat.

Uses a pike.

Gunpowder Age: Hyaa Peichin


Wears armor and a helmet.

Uses a fire lance (melee range).

Enlightenment Age: Tihyaa Peichin

Fire Lance

Wears heavy armor and a helmet.

Uses a three-barrel hand cannon.

Industrial Age: Weekata

Fusilier Oriental

Wears heavy armor and a stylized hat.

Uses a musket.

Global Age: Heichaa

Shock Infantry (Chinese)

Wears a uniform and a hat.

Uses a rifle.

Space Age: Heavy Heichaa

Wears a modern uniform and a helmet.

Uses an assault rifle.

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