General Information

At September 14, 2015, DomiNations' Facebook page has released a new general; General Douglas MacArthur.

It said, "General MacArthur was a five-star general in the American army and played a large role in three major wars: the Western Front of World War I, the Pacific theater of World War II, and led the United Nations Command in the Korean War. He famously returned to the Philippines, and soon he is coming to DomiNations!"

The image shows General MacArthur holding a machinge gun and is in a Sherman tank.

DomiNations had not released any statistics on the general yet.

My Opinion

Instead of MacArthur, I would of chosen General George Smith Patton Jr., a great general in fending off the Germans. Also, it would be Patton on a Sherman tank and not MacArthur since MacArthur used ships and infantry against the Japanese during the Pacific Theater while Patton used tanks and infantry against the Germans on the Western Front.

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