Building Style: North European

Unit Style: North European

Strategy: Defensive/Offensive

Nation Power

  • Attrition damage by 1% per second for the units of the attacker until all defenses are destroyed.
  • Increases maximum army size by 5%.

Unique Units

Russian unique units will replace standard heavy cavalry. Will have 30% more damage but 10% less health.

Iron Age: Dvor Lancer

Classical Age: Elite Dvor Lancer

Medieval Age: Rusiny Lancer

Gunpowder Age: Cossack

Enlightenment Age: Elite Cossack

Industrial Age: Poplavko-Jeffrey Armored Truck

Global Age: T-26 Tank

Space Age: T-80 Tank


Building Style: Mediterranean

Unit Style: South European

Strategy: Offensive

Nation Power

  • Shows location of goods hidden in forests.
  • The Scout Tactic allows you to select an area to see hidden traps in the enemy's base.

Unique Units

Spanish unique units will replace standard heavy infantry. Will have 5% more moving speed and 5% more health.

Iron Age: Scutari

Classical Age: Royal Scutari

Medieval Age: Tercio

Gunpowder Age: Elite Tercio

Enlightenment Age: Cassador

Industrial Age: Republican Guard

Global Age: Regulares

Space Age: Royal Regulares


Building Style: Mesoamerican

Unit Style: Mesoamerican

Strategy: Offensive

Nation Power

  • 10% more loot stolen
  • Receive 1,000 gold from military buildings per hour. Increases 500 per age.

Unique Units

Aztec/Mexican unique units will replace standard ranged infantry. Will have 10% more moving speed and 10% more attack speed.

Iron Age: Atl-Atls

Classical Age: Royal Atl-Atls

Medieval Age: Eagle Runner

Gunpowder Age: Arquebus Runner

Enlightenment Age: Federal Guard

Industrial Age: Constitutional Guard

Global Age: Jaguar Infantry

Space Age: Elite Jaguar Infantry


Building Style: Western Oriental

Unit Style: Western Oriental

Strategy: Economic

Nation Power

  • 10% more income from farms
  • Farms generate 20 gold income. Increases by 10 each age.

Unique Units

Egyptian unique units would replace standard raiders. Raiders are 15% more faster and 5% more health.

Iron Age: Chariot

Classical Age: Royal Chariot

Medieval Age: Mamluk Bow Cavalry

Gunpowder Age: Mameluke

Enlightenment Age: Royal Mameluke

Industrial Age: Shaturnal Gunners

Global Age: EIFV

Space Age: Royal EIFV

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