“Lobs explosive shells high into the air to destroy enemy buildings from long range.”

The Valiant Field Mortar is a level 7 standard Mortar Infantry unit unlocked in the Space Age. Its predecessor is Elite Field Mortar and can be upgraded to Honored Field Mortar. It is researched in Level 12 Armory

Historical Description Edit

The M29A1 81mm was a medium mortar developed for the American military in 1952. Its straight tube design afforded the M29 a maximum range of 15,540 feet; fifty percent further than its predecessor the M1. It could be disassembled into three components, and was light enough to be carried over long distances by one or more soldiers. During the Vietnam War, American mortar squads would coordinate with the frontline via radio to rain down explosive, illumination, and white phosphorous shells on enemy positions.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Space Age unit upgrade.

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