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“These specialized troops bring equipment suitable for one very powerful attack against enemy walls, breaking open a gap in the enemy defenses so your other troops can advance.”

The Veteran Combat Engineer is the level 7 Wall Breachers unlocked at the Atomic Age. Its predecessor is the Combat Engineer and can be upgraded to Elite Combat Engineer. It is researched in a level 10 Armory.

General Information[]

  • When deployed on field, Veteran Combat Engineers will run to the nearest wall section protecting a building and deal a large amount of damage to it.
  • After destroying a wall, Veteran Combat Engineers would attack the closest building but would do little damage.
  • Veteran Combat Engineers aren't good against buildings and enemy troops and can be killed easily.

Historical Description[]

One of the main jobs of UN combat engineer in the Korean War was laying mines. While these were effective if properly deployed and protected, the North Koreans were often able to recover and reuse mines from unguarded fields. The engineers were also unable to record the minefields on many occasions. The resulted in friendly casualties and permanent danger to the civilian population. Other major tasks including erecting fortifications, demolishing infrastructure before retreating and building and destroying bridges.

Attacking Strategies[]

  • Try to use two Veteran Combat Engineers to destroy one wall. That way, if one Veteran Combat Engineer dies before it can destroy a wall, the second wall Veteran Combat Engineer can destroy the wall since it used the first Combat Engineer as a distraction.
  • If a base has multiple compartments, it is suggested to bring many Veteran Combat Engineers to break them.