“A powerful anti-infantry unit which excels against large groups of enemies. Their attacks suppress enemy infantry, causing them to move at half speed and deal half damage.”

Veteran Machine Gun is a level 5 standard Machine Gun Infantry unlocked in Atomic Age. Its predecessor is the Heavy Machine Gun and can be upgraded to the Elite Machine Gun.

General Information[edit | edit source]

This unit has the ability to shoot multiple defenders at once and over the wall at a relatively shorter distance compare to other Range Unit. Their target will move at half speed and deal half damage.

A Machine Gun is a firearm designed to fire bullets as long as the trigger is held, as opposed to semi-automatic weapons that require a trigger-pull for each bullet. The first truly automatic machine gun, the water-cooled Maxim, saw action in WWI, helping make that conflict the high-casualty nightmare it would become.

A Heavy Machine Gun in history is usually a machine that fires larger caliber rounds than a standard MG. HMGs were not portable devices and were often only mounted in defensive emplacements, tanks, and rarely on aircraft.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

The Browning M1917 heavy machine gun saw action in the American military for about 40 years, starting in 1917 and continuing past the Korean War. It was recoil-operated, meaning that recoil generated by each round pushed back the firing mechanism and primed the weapon to fire again. Three-man crews were assigned to each M1917, which each one trained to do his job even in total darkness; they could also cover each other's roles if needed. Despite its reliability, it was replaced by the far smaller and lighter M60 in 1957.

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