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“These support units restore health to injured or damaged troops, allowing them to sustain the attack for a longer duration. Heavy cavalry and generals are healed for 3 times as much.”

The Veteran Supply Convoy is a level 8 Supply Vehicle unlocked in the Space Age. Its predecessor is the Heavy Supply Convoy and can be upgraded to Honored Supply Convoy. It is researched in the level 12 Armory.

General Information[]

  • The Veteran Supply Convoy heals the damaged troop that is close to it by throwing supplies at it. They will continually throw supplies at the damaged troop until it is fully healed.
  • The supplies the Veteran Supply Convoy throws can also heal troops that are close to the target troop that is supplied to.
  • If all the troops have full health, the Supply Convoy would remain stationary unless a troop gets damaged.
  • Supply Convoy cannot attack and therefore are defenseless.
  • They move faster than most troops and gain more speed during a rally.

Historical Description[]

The M35 is a 2 ½ ton cargo truck that replaced the famous ‘deuce and a half’ military transports used by the American military during WWII. The 2 ½ ton rating refers to the M35’s off-road carrying capacity; it can carry at least twice that much on paved roads. Matching strength with versatility, the 7.8 litre multifuel engine can run on diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene, or even heating oil. Supply lines are essential to the survival of any army, and the M35 has proven itself reliable in jungles, deserts and battlefields all over the world for more than sixty years.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Space Age unit upgrade.

Attack Strategies[]

  • Since Veteran Supply Convoy cannot attack and are defenseless, use Elite Infantry or Veteran SMG to defend them and cover them from enemies and defences.
  • Veteran Supply Convoy only heal the closest damaged troop. If you want them to heal a troop that is badly damaged and distances away, try to recall by rally your troops to a safe spot so your Supply Convoy can heal it.
  • During an attack, watch out for sniper towers as they tend to take the supply convoys which most of the time stand behind your troops
  • If you practice the 2 or 3 corner attack, divide your supply convoy among the troops as placing them all in one corner would get them moving to the other