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“This luxurious Villa supports three citizens - allowing you to do even more things!”

General Information[]


This building is a temporary special type of event building bought at limited time sale. It will provide 3 additional temporary Citizens and exist only until certain date of time.

The Villa is available via sales, events, or from some chests.

The amount of time Villa workers lasts depends on the type of Villa you have:

  • If purchased via sales: they expire at a specific date; in other words, everyone that purchases from the sale have their Villas expire at the same exact time.
  • If gained via an event or chest: they typically expire after 3 days from when it's placed, but your Villa description will provide the exact count.

Related: Alternatively there's a different special House, named The Estate, offers 3 permanent workers.


How Worker Expiration Works[]

Once the timer starts (typically, after the building is placed), the system does not track where you placed Villa workers. In other words, them expiring before the project is complete does not matter. However, after the Villa expires, the next 3 available workers will disappear.

Unrealistic but possible scenario: you have all workers available while placing the Villa, and send all workers on 21 day jobs. This would mean your 3 Villa workers would work for 21 days rather than 3 days.

More likely scenario: all your workers are busy, but you really want to start a job; say, to take advantage of a big oil discount. You place the Villa and start the project. After the Villa expires, a mine upgrade completes; this worker is not available as your worker pool shrunk. The next two available workers (as jobs complete) also disappear.


The hitpoints differ between Ages.

Level HP Health icon
1 1,520
2 2,155
3 2,370
4 3,620
5 3,985
6 4,380
7 4,820
8 5,300