War Academy Level 8

“Here you can devise brilliant combat tactics to devastate your enemies!”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

The War Academy is unlocked in the Classical Age. It allows you to create Tactics that aid you in battle at the cost of Food.

After researching Resistance Technology Chapter 2 at the Library, War Academy will produce Heavy Cavalry after being destroyed. The troops level will depend on the the highest Stables or Tank Depots Defenders level.


Level Build Cost Food Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp HP Health icon Tactics Capacity [1] Storage Unlocks Tactics Age Unlocked
140,00042h2851,6252Barrage, First AidClassical Age
3620,0001d1,1152,4503ProtectMedieval Age
41,500,0002d1,6302,6304DemolitionGunpowder Age
53,500,0004d2,3853,9005BetrayalEnlightenment Age
65,000,0006d2,9804,1506DecoyIndustrial Age
76,000,0008d3,4954,5757Assault RallyGlobal Age
87,000,00010d3,9505,500NoneAtomic Age
97,000,00010d3,9506,425NoneCold War Age
  1. Koreans get +1 tactics capacity.
Upgrading the War Academy to level 7 and 8 allows you to upgrade your Tactics more at the Armory.

With the 2017's game update that modified of several Tactics to take 2 spaces, one additional tactic capacity were added.

Boosts Edit

The Zeal Technology at the Library confers these bonuses:

The Resistance Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the War Academy:

The research of Hannibal Barca in the University confers the following bonuses to the Raider:

  • War Academy Reduce Citizens: -1 number of citizens required to upgrade this building (1 Level).