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Chill Out this winter! From 15:00 UTC 12/10/18 - 15:00 UTC 2/4/19 you’ll be able to find progressive discounts as we move through the Ages. Additionally, the next Age’s Town Center will be discounted and you will be able to instantly upgrade it!

Classical Age's feature period is one week long (from 12/10 - 12/17) while all other Ages are two week periods, sharing time with the Age before and the Age after. Expect the Classical & Medieval upgrades to be available one week, followed by the Medieval/Gunpowder split week, and then the Gunpowder/Enlightenment feature week, and so on. Each age will receive it’s own 'feature period' when the discounts apply.

Advance with us each week to see the new discounts!

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Classical Rush (12/10 - 12/17):

Winter for the age classical

Medieval Rush (12/10 - 12/24):

Winter for age gunpowder

Gunpowder Rush (12/17 - 12/31):

Winter for age enlightenment

Enlightenment Rush (12/24 - 1/7):

Winter for age industrial

Industrial Rush (12/31 - 1/14):

Winter for Age Global

Global Rush (1/7 - 1/21):

Winter for Age Atomic

Atomic Rush (1/14 - 1/28):

Cold War Rush (1/21 - 2/4):