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General Description []

World War is a feature that was added in the Version 3.0.150 update. It allows demonstration of your Alliance by waging war against rivals to stake your territorial claim on World Map. Construct a Command Post to pack full of loot as you reap the spoils of war. Design a war base and save multiple unique layouts to test your might. Conquer the globe on an epic scale with matchmaking up to 50 VS 50.


To be part of the World War, you'll need to have these prerequisites:

  • At Iron Age or above
  • In an Alliance of 10 or more members
  • Build a Command Post
    • Tap on Store
    • Tap on Army tab
    • Select Command Post
  • Opt into battle (default is set to On)
    • Go to your Alliance Gate and tap the gate
    • Tap Alliance button
    • Tap on the "WAR" button and make sure it's green

Starting a World War[]

Only leaders and co-leaders can start a World War

  • At the home base view, tap on the War button (to the right of the Battle/Peace Treaty button)
  • Tap "Begin New War"
  • In the combatant selection screen, tap on the number of members you want in the war
    • Wars start with a size of 10, 20, 30 or 50 members.
  • Tap on Start Search
  • You will be paired with a team with a similar makeup

War Overview[]

World War is a showdown between two alliances for global domination. The alliance that earns the most stars in its battles will be victorious. You will earn some loot immediately during battles and acquire bonus War Loot for winning battles at the end of the war. Your alliance will earn progress towards the next perk.

Planning Day[]

On Planning Day your alliance prepares for the coming war. Donate troops to war bases for extra defense. These troops appear on every defense.

War Bases have the same buildings as your town. Resources aren't stolen directly from buildings like Mills or Farms during a war, so your layout should focus on making it difficult for the enemy to earn Stars.

War Coalitions[]

Repair the Embassy to unlock Coalitions that will bolster your War efforts and provide additional troops. Coalitions will last for an entire war, but need to be re-formed for each new war. Offensive Coalitions can be established at any time, while defensive Coalitions can only be established before War Day starts. Upgrade Coalitions at the Blacksmith to improve their effectiveness and troops (upgrades during War Day won't take effect until the next war).

War Day[]

Combatants make their two best attacks against the enemy alliance. You can't attack the same War Base twice. Only the best attack against each War Base counts for scoring.

Wonder replacements and Revolutions during War Day will not take effect on your War Base until the next war.

Golbal Combat[]

War attacks do not affect medals or peace treaties. Blessings in your town have no effect on War Bases or war attacks.

The highest level General(s) will automatically defend the Castle on a War Base.

War Results[]

Once the war is over, there is a five-minute grace period to allow any active battles to be completed. Your War Loot will be delivered to your Command Post after the grace period. The winning alliance will receive all of their War Loot. The losing alliance only receives a small portion for their efforts.

Rubies are a special reward included in War Loot. You can trade Rubies to Marco Polo when he's in town.

Best Attack[]

The Best Attack against any given base is the attack that earns the most Stars. If attacks tie on Stars, then the amount of Destruction breaks the tie.

War Scoring[]

All Best Attacks are added up to determine an Alliance’s total Stars, Destruction, and Elapsed Time.

The war is won by the Alliance with the most Stars at the end of War Day. If there's a tie, then the one with higher Destruction wins.

Alliance XP[]

At the end of a War your Alliance earns Alliance XP in the following ways:

  1. 4-11 XP is earned for the first successful attack against each base (based on age of the opponent; Iron age opponents are worth 4; Classical are worth 5, etc)
  2. 15 XP is earned if your Alliance earned 40% of all possible Stars
  3. 30 XP is earned if your Alliance earned 60% of all possible Stars
  4. 50 XP is earned by winning the War.

Alliance Levels[]

When your Alliance earns enough Alliance XP (see Alliance XP) it will level up and gain a powerful new Alliance Perk, improving its ability to cooperate and wage war.

Your progress towards the next Level is visible on the Alliance screen (open Alliance Chat then hit the Info (?) button); tap the level indicator on that screen to see further details.

War Chests[]

There are three types of War Chest you can receive at the end of a World War:

  • Cadet's Chest: These chests will be awarded if you only completed one of your two attacks with at least 1 star.
  • Combatant's Chest: These will be awarded if you lost the war but completed both of your attacks, and earned at least 1 star in each.
  • Conqueror's Chest: These will be awarded to all players in the winning Alliance as long as they completed both of their attacks.


Once you learn the associated Spy Report skills from Harriet Tubman in the University, you can start to Spy on your enemies during World War.

During War, you are only able to Spy on enemies with the same Rank as yourself. Your Rank is the number under your city in the World War map. Highlight your appropriate enemy and press the Spy button to bring up the Report Overview.

If you have the correct skills researched from Harriet Tubman, the Report Overview will give you a brief look at your enemies Library, University, and Museum. Press the Full Report button next to the Library, University, or Museum to see a full look at everything your opponent has researched for War!

Spying: Shared intelligence[]

When Planning Day begins, your Spy automatically creates a Spy Report for your enemy’s base. The Report your Spy creates can be viewed by everyone in your Alliance. However, your allies can only see the report that your Spy creates. If you have all three Spy Report skills researched, then even your allies who do not have the Spy Report researched can view it.

Conversely, if you only have the Spy Report: Library skill researched, and your ally who has every Spy Report Skill researched views your Report you created, then they will only see information on the enemies Library.

Custom War Overview[]

Custom War is a feature that was added in the Version 12.4 update.

Custom War is a friendly fight between two alliances that allows players to measure their skills against other alliances. While Custom Wars can be won and lost, you will not lose any war or battle-based consumables; neither glory nor triumph will be gained or lost. Also, you will not receive a War Chest or Loot of any type upon completion.

War Base Gallery[]

Friday Night Fights[]

In 2021 a new feature was added, Friday Night Fights. This feature allows to sign in using a form to ask to match against a specific alliance for a specific "Round" of a "Season".

The guts may be fake, but the glory is real; declare WAR against any alliance you choose in a forced match! You pick your opponent; you select your war size; you control any war limitations you want to use. Every two weeks BHG will match actual alliances for real wars during each Season of Friday Night Fights. Share the excitement of your battle in the #fight-night channel and earn some extra in game rewards!

Season Round Match date
Season 1 Round 1 03/25/2021 16:00 UTC
Season 1 Round 2 04/08/2021 17:00 UTC
Season 1 Round 3 04/22/2021 17:00 UTC

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The World War alliances are matched base on (a) similar total combatants' "strength" (b) similar Glory count, total strength is the total attacking and defensing score of a member, similar to levels of a player.
  • It's best to let the people with the highest level of Ranged Siege to donate to all war bases, since it's ranged and has area effect.
  • Combined with Angkor Wat, the artillery inside the Town center is almost invincible, which make the WW harder than hell. You can always use barrage (higher than level 3) and betrayal to get rid of those instant killing cannons with an area effect. Using sabotage on the TC can stop troop spawning - if the tactic wears out and the TC is still alive, it will spawn the troops.
  • Donate to your Alliance members both in the War Map and Alliance Chat. It's best for high age players to donate to the lower age players if the alliance is not at level 10.
  • Donate troop tactics to make it harder for the enemy.
  • Scout (visit) enemy bases to get an idea of their defenses during planning.
  • Spy enemy Technology, Great Leaders, and Artifacts to get an idea of their defensive and offensive style. Research Spy Report from Harriet Tubman in University to use it on enemy with the same sorting number.
  • Attack opponents in your age or level range.
  • You can only attack an opponent once.
  • Peace Treaties and Blessings have no effect in World War.

Make sure to attack with a full army, tactics and troops tactics if needed. If you formed offensive coalition(s), then don't forget to deploy them too.[]

  • You can have 3 different War Base templates. Experiment with a variety of layouts until you find the one that best suits you!
  • Don't idle during combat! The game will become inactive and it will be considered a defeat.
  • The winning alliance will receive 100% loot, the losing one will get ~30?%, so if your alliance knows it will lose, you can focus high level enemies for a bigger loot.
  • Connecting roads increases the Health of a Town Center and thereby your defense, however you will need more space and walls for that, build up tactically.
  • If there are no bases that you are capable of getting stars on, loot (getting a victory on a base for the intentions of taking the win loot) other bases if you can.


When a building is being built or upgraded, and if the war is launched within the last 10 hours of the upgrade, the building in war will appear in its upgraded form. It is unknown if this happens after 10 hours, but it seems to operate between this 10 hour period.

DomiNations Alliance Tournaments[]

A tournament in which alliances are required to submit photos (screenshots) of their previous and current world wars to compete against other alliances. A group of alliances will fight each other within an organized structure in order to get a general idea of the skill level of each alliance. This structure involves the creation of a bracket in which alliances engage each other in battles until only one alliance remains.

More information at DomiNations Ally Wars Tournaments page.

0SH is a player initiative that prescribes:

  • No Troop Tactics in Strongholds.
  • No Elephant Archer/Siege in attacks except in the presence of Bazooka Sentry/Tower.

Alliances which pledge to abide by these rules include “0SH” in the Alliance Description. A War opponent is expected to follow the same rules in a match with honor.



Alliance Perk[]

  • Operations Research: Your War Base's Buildings and traps have 10% more hit points and damage.
  • Coordinated Offensive: During War attacks your Troops have 10% more hit points and damage.
  • Their Finest Hour: Your War Base's defenders have 10% more hit points and damage.
  • Colonial Liberation: Increases Food, Gold, and Oil earned from battle in World Wars by 30%
  • Berlin Wall: Your War Base's buildings and traps have 5% more hit points and damage (total 15%)
  • Glasnost: Increases Rubies earned in each World War Battle and Ruby storage in the Command Post by 15%
  • Laying Plans: Reduces the cooldown of Rally during World War attacks by 10%.
  • Soldiers of Fortune: Increases the damage and hit points of all Mercenary troops during World War attacks by 10%.
  • Tactical Dispositions: Decreases the spawn time of Defenders when attacked during World War by 10%.
  • Ramparts: Your War Base’s Buildings and Traps have 5% more HP and damage (up to 20%)
  • Reinforcements: +1 Defender from all spawning buildings in first wave during World Wars. (Will not spawn additional unit if at Defender Unit cap.)
  • Emergency Medical Technicians: All healing increased by 10% in War Battles

Council Committees[]

Council Councilors[]

Library Technology[]

  • War Reparations
    • Ch. 1 = +10% Gold War Loot Rewards
    • Ch. 2 = +10% Food War Loot Rewards
    • Ch. 3 = +10% Gold War Loot Rewards
    • Ch. 4 = +10% Food War Loot Rewards
    • Ch. 5 = +10% Oil War Loot Rewards
  • Strategic Reserves
    • Ch. 5 = +20% more Rubies won from World War battles
  • Defense Planning
    • Ch. 1 = 10% Ballista Tower health in World War battles
    • Ch. 2 = +10% Garrison health in World War battles
    • Ch. 3 = +10% Stable health in World War battles
    • Ch. 4 = +10% Tower health in World War battles
    • Ch. 5 = +5% Road Network Hit point Bonus in World War battles
  • Trenches
    • Ch. 1 = +10% Wall health in World War battles
    • Ch. 2 = +10% Gate health in World War battles
    • Ch. 3 = +10% Bastion health in World War battles
    • Ch. 4 = +10% Trap damage in World War battles
    • Ch. 5 = +10% Town Center health in World War battles
  • Guided Missiles
    • Ch. 1 = +5% Missile Silo health in World War battles
    • Ch. 2 = +5% Missile Silo damage in World War battles
    • Ch. 3 = +5% Missile Silo damage in World War Battles
    • Ch. 4 = +5% Offensive Missile Launch damage health in World War battles
    • Ch. 5 = +1 Offensive Missile target in World War battles
  • Armored Division
    • Ch. 1 = +10% Armored Car health in World War battles
    • Ch. 2 = +10% Armored Car damage in World War battles
    • Ch. 3 = +10% Bazooka health in World War battles
    • Ch. 4 = +10% Bazooka damage in World War battles
    • Ch. 5 = x8 Bazooka base damage against Tanks, Buildings, and Walls in World War battles
  • Payloads
    • Ch. 1 = +10% Transport health in World War battles
    • Ch. 2 = +5% Paratrooper damage in World War battles
    • Ch. 3 = +10% Bomber health in World War battles
    • Ch. 4 = +10% Bomber damage in World War battles
    • Ch. 5 = Transports deploy 1 additional Paratrooper in World War battles

Parliament Laws[]

  • War Profits
    • +10 - 40% Gold from World War Battles
    • +10 - 40% Oil from World War Battles
    • +10 - 20 Oil from World War Battles
  • Ruby Excavations
    • +5 - 50% more Rubies from World Wars
  • World War Veteran Troops
    • Barracks Troops health increased by 5% in World War
    • Barracks Troops damage increased by 5% in World War
    • Mercenary Troops health increased by 5% in World War
    • Mercenary Troops damage increased by 5% in World War
    • Factory Troops health increased by 5% in World War
    • Factory Troops damage increased by 5% in World War
    • Airstrip Units health increased by 5% in World War
    • Airstrip Units damage increased by 5% in World War
    • Generals health increased by 5% in World War
    • Generals damage increased by 5% in World War



  • Harriet Tubman
    • Spy Report: Library
    • Spy Report: University
    • Spy Report: Museum


VIP Bonuses[]


  • There is a 5 minutes cool down between world wars to allow any ongoing attacks to end, a second war can be started right away after the five-minute grace period.