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“While their shots do little at enemy buildings, these troops are experts at dealing enemy foot troops. These unique British troops do more damage and have +1 range!”

Yeomanry is a British level 6 unique Ranged Infantry unit unlocked in Gunpowder Age. Its predecessor is King's Longbowman and can be upgraded to Royal Yeomanry. This British unique unit replaces Arquebusier. It is upgraded in level 6 Armory.

General Information[]

  • Like all ranged infantry, Yeomanry can kill enemy infantry easily and quickly, as they have 4 times the damage to enemy infantry.
  • Yeomanry aren't efficient against enemy cavalry and buildings.
  • Yeomanry are ranged units and can destroy buildings over walls.
  • Yeomanry would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • If there are enemy units nearby, Yeomanry would attack them.
  • As a British unique unit, Yeomanry has 15% more damage and +1 more attack range than regular Ranged Infantry.

Historical Description[]

First seen in the 18th century, the Yeomanry were volunteer regiments drawn from British landowners, raised to repel a feared invasion by the dreaded French under Napoleon. Officered by local nobility, the yeomen were (at least originally) to be used solely as a defence force, and could only be taken overseas by the indiviual soldiers' consent. The British yeomanry would be armed with smoothbore muzzle-loading muskets affectionately known as the 'Brown Bess'.


Looks like an English Civil War Cavalier soldier, with plumed hat and rich, colourful clothes. Has baggy trousers, which were popular in that time period.

Attacking Strategies[]

  • Yeomanry has low health; making them vulnerable to defenses. Use Heavy Infantry as meat shields to protect the Yeomanry.
  • Yeomanry is cheap and can be used to set off hidden enemy traps.
  • Use Yeomanry to protect heavy infantry from other infantry so your Heavy Infantry won't get distracted.
  • Since Yeomanry can deal more damage to foot troops, bringing some along with Heavy Infantry and/or Heavy Cavalry will help deal with pesky defending foot troops!
  • Make sure to keep the Yeomanry behind your 'meat shields' or away from danger.

Defensive Strategies[]

  • Yeomanry can be used as good Alliance Troops. One example is that they can shoot over walls to attack troops of the attackers forcing the troops to destroy the wall to kill them. Another thing is that they're good against other Heavy Infantry.


  • A historical misconception is that according to military context, Yeomanry applies to longbowmen (whom are a lower rank than knights and squires but a higher rank than knaves) during the Gunpowder Age or volunteer cavalry regiments. The Yeomanry did arise in the late 18th century to counter the French threat but were volunteered for cavalry, not infantry.
  • The United Kingdom still have Yeomanry regiments in their army from the Napoleonic Wars to World War I to today.