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YouTube is a video-sharing website. It's a great way to share videos on building better defenses and attacking better for DomiNations players. People may comment on videos to share their opinion and can like or dislike their video if they agree or disagree with their tastes. Currently, many DomiNations channels had stopped making uploads; mainly before July due to different reasons.




YouTuber Average Number of Uploads Language Extra Information
KK On average, more than one video per week Traditional Chinese I am a Chinese player from Taiwan who has been consistently active since 2015 and currently serves as an administrator of an Asian community group (in Chinese). My video content often focuses on showcasing attack and defense techniques that involve significant level differences between opponents. I prefer not to use expensive event troops to compete with my opponents. Since the early days, I have always aimed to present skillful gameplay without the need for spending a lot of money.
DomiNations with Ham Around 3 uploads per week English Pushing the limits, attacking much higher level opponents in war, using a variety of different troop strategies like Attack Helicopters, Zooks&Commies, Artillery&Mortars, etc. The real-time gameplay of the attacks really helps to develop your attacking abilities.
M&C Gaming Average daily with a Saturday night livestream @ 8:30ADT English Community contributor that assists with The Sandbox. Tips, War attacks from Atomic, Enlightened bases.
RadarGaming Uploads DomiNations content once every 2 weeks, other than that, uploads other gaming content as well English Gameplay with audio and voice recording as well, uploads DomiNations videos based on his base and his progress, neat tips and tricks for base layouts and attacks, overall a Let's Play series with good tips and tricks in terms of DomiNations
ratata 3 uploads per week English No audio: Industrial attacks against high level GA & AA bases
TheGameHuntah English
DomiNations Official 1 per major update English
멋삼 TV 3 uploads per week 한국어
Dan Nguyen 1 upload per 3 days English
Codisius Once per week English
Siggi Siegfriedolin Twice per week English High level war attacks, 5* left and right with great tips.
DominationsTipps Daily English and German
DomiNations GAMEPLAY 1 upload per week Español
DomiNations MX 1 upload per week Español
Dominations Sammy 4 uploads per week Español Strategies and great tipps. High level war attacks and base layouts.
Doom Raider 1 - 2 weekly English World War live attacks, base layouts and strategist.
CommanderDomiNations 3-4 weekly English World War attacks, base layouts, tips and tricks, gameplay, and Let's Play Series
tcejorpdicul Dominations

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uploads every once in a while, a few times in short bursts every week or so English World War attacks, raiding livestreams, shows off his account


YouTuber Language
MaT DomiNations English
Redox English
DomiNationsDude English
Jugando DomiNations Español
PlayDomiNations English
DomiNations en Español Español
Robbe Deutsch
Darwix Français
Dallas Games English
IndoNations Español
BB DomiNations English
Papier Tje English
DomiNations Pro English
Codsius English
StabDominations English


  • Many channels that start around DomiNations started to die out starting at July 2016. Some reasons are that the game gets very boring or poor gaming performance. Some channels; such as Redox, made a return to DomiNations after the Industrial Age but left the game due to boredom and is playing Teamfight Tactics.