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Zulu Strike is a 7-day event which specializes around Zulu Kraal. There is a total of 5 steps in order to earn Impi warriors and Zulu Kraal; which produces Impi get a bonus against enemy defenders.The 5 steps tell that you need to have a minimum number of destroy enemy towns in order to earn a reward for each step. This event started at March 1, 2017 and ends at March 8, 2017.

Historical Description[]

20171126 135023

Shaka Zulu single-handedly revolutionized warfare in southern Africa. Born to a minor wife of Senzangakhona, the king of the weak Zulu tribe, Shaka was kicked out along with his mother at the age of six. He fled to the court of Dingiswayo in the Mthethwa state, where he endured a childhood of mockery before joining the army.

Battles traditionally involved throwing light spears called assegai from a distance, most of which were easily blocked by the warriors large shields. Weary of the futile long-ranged combat, Shaka began charging at enemies, hooking aside their shields with his own to kill them up close with his spear.

Shaka's tactics proved terrifyingly effective and soon he was training regiments to fight in this style. With their help, he began winning battles against great odds and eventually reclaimed the Zulu kingship and founded a empire. His conquests were notoriously brutal, leaving entire regions depopulated and full of smoking ruins. How good are you at laying waste to enemy town?


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Step 1: Earn 100% destruction in 4 battles

  • Reward: 1 Impi army

Step 2: Earn 100% destruction in 9 battles

  • Reward: 525,000 gold

Step 3: Earn 100% destruction in 16 battles

  • Reward: 2 Impi armies

Step 4: Earn 100% destruction in 25 battles

  • Reward: 1,250,000 gold

Step 5: Earn 100% destruction in 35 battles

*Reward amount depends on age

Recommended Units and Buildings[]

  1. Airstrip
  2. Barrack