Statistics (No Boosts)
生命值 140 Health icon
每秒傷害 18
對衛兵造成的傷害 72
傷害倍率 400%
攻擊型式 遠程單體傷害
攻擊距離 5
訓練費用 160 Food icon
訓練時間 50 秒
部隊單位 1
部隊種類 遠距離射擊
國家 英國
優勢 敵人衛兵
缺點 建築物和騎士
解鎖時代 鐵器
升級費用 45,000 (有 聖母教堂加持 40,500) Food icon
升級時間 4小時
xp獎勵 195
上一代 下一代
弓箭手 皇家長弓射手

長弓射手(Longbowman) (Level 3 Ranged Infantry) 是一個英國特有的單位。 unique unit. Its predecessor is the bowman. It can be upgraded to the Elite Longbowman. This British unique unit replaces the composite bowman.


外觀 编辑

The longbowman wears a white shirt and white pants. In the middle of the shirt is a red cross, likely to represent the cross of St. George. Around his neck is chain armor. He have a bracer on his arm and holds a quiver made our of animal skin on his back; full of arrows. He holds a wooden longbow and a wooden arrow.

Historical Description 编辑

The English or Welsh Longbowman yields a simple but deadly weapon. Constructed of yew (Though other materials were substituted when the supply of yew was depleted), the bow is a long 'D' shaped piece of wood with a hemp string. It has a draw weight of 80-250 lbs (whereas a modern longbow's draw weight generally maxes at around 60). With these weapons a trained archer could punch through all but the strongest armor of the Middle Ages.

Offensive Strategies编辑

Defensive Strategies 编辑


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